Ambulance 414Unit : A414/A414B

Year : 2006

Model : Ford / Horton

We have two units with Ford E450 chassis. Either can be staffed as an Ambulance or Paramedic unit. Onspot drop-down tire chains permit the units to access snowy side streets without the limitations of traditional tire chains.



Unit : Engine 414/Engine 414 BravoE414

Year : 2001

Model : Pierce

We have two of these units powered by a Detroit Diesel engine and Allison transmission. Carries 750 gallons of water and 40 gallons of foam which are pumped by a 1,250 gpm Hale pump. Any of five preconnected hose lines may be pulled for fire attack. Additional preconnected lines are available for brush fires and standpipe supply. Staffed with four to six qualified personnel. Equipped with two ground ladders, forcible entry tools, chain saw, and brush firefighting equipment. Onboard lighting and electrical tools are powered by a hydraulicly-driven generator.



Medic 414Unit : Medic 414

Year : 2012

Model : Ford/Horton


The newest addition to our Fleet is a 2012 Ford F-550 that will serve as our front-line paramedic ambulance. This vehicle, costing over $200,000, has a customized patient care compartment, improved driving characteristics, increased occupant protection, and advanced emissions control technology


Unit : Brush 414Brush 414

Year : 2009

Model : Ford F-350

Our 2009 Ford F-350 4×4 Brush Truck is capable of traveling off-road to fires and other emergency situations. It carries a skid unit with water tank, pump, hose, and forestry tools. The vehicle is also capable of mounting a snow plow, which can be used to clear the way for other emergency vehicles on snowy secondary roads. The Brush Truck’s size also makes it useful at public events where larger Engines cannot maneuver.
The truck, including paint, lettering, lights, and plow was purchased completely with proceeds from our Wednesday Night Bingo.
This vehicle replaced our 1968 Kaiser M715 Jeep, which had served as our trusty Brush Truck since the early 80′s. The Kaiser was sold to a collector who is interested in maintaining its original condition