Join Us

Volunteering at Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is an opportunity to serve the community but it is also a place to challenge yourself as an Operational Member (EMT or Firefighter) or an Administrative Member (committees, fundraising, community outreach. etc.).

We are currently recruiting for both Operational (EMT/Firefighters) and Administrative Members. Our Administrative Members help us with our fundraising initiatives (Bingo and Hall Rentals) and assist with the daily operations of running the department. We are especially looking for folks familiar with grant writing who might be willing to help us draft and submit proposals to State, Local and Federal funding agencies.

Operational Members typically serve a minimum of 240 hours a year/20 hours a month by attending membership meetings, working one Bingo Shift a month and Hall Duty shifts as required, and serving at community service events, in addition to their required training and riding time.

We hold information sessions once a month, and attendance at an information session is the mandatory first step in the application process. We invite you to join us at our next Information Session scheduled the third Monday of each month at the Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department at 7:30pm. Click here to receive an email inviting you to the next Information Session. During the Information Session, you will learn about the process of becoming a volunteer member, time and training commitments, as well as alternatives for participation (Fire, EMS, administrative, etc.). The information session will last approximately an hour. If you are unfamiliar with the fire station, we are located at 9501 Old Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA, 22015. When arriving at the station, you will need to take the service road between the station and the post office. There is a large parking lot in the back of our building. You will then enter the station through the double glass doors that face the post office, next to the flagpole.

If, after the information session, you are still interested in volunteering, the first of a series of one-on-one personal interviews with you will be scheduled. Please note that in order to have your initial interview, you will need to have a copy of your driving record from the DMV. Please also bring your driver’s license, social security card, and names for two personal references with phone numbers to your interview.

Timeline for becoming a volunteer Operational Member:

  • Attend Information Session (offered the first Monday of the Month)
  • Complete the Station Interview Process (scheduled within one Month of Information Session)
  • Application sent to the Professional Standards Office for background check (3-8 weeks)
  • Burke Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Board of the Directors Vote once the background check is complete (vote 3rd Monday everyone month)
  • Attend VISIT (our in-house station training approximately to half day Saturdays)
  • Attend Level I Training at the Fire Academy (approximately one month)
  • Physical Examination
  • Complete online ISC courses
  • EMT Training classes (three month)

Approximate time from start to finish becoming a full member is approximately one year to a year and a half.